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JB Say JB Say JB Say
Once upon a time Jean-Baptiste Say

In 1819, Jean-Baptiste Say, a French
economist, coined the word entrepreneur
and created the world’s first Business
School. ESCP Europe was born.

In 2007, we created the Chair of Entrepreneurship which became a renowned alternative way to learn and understand entrepreneurship.
Today, we launch the Jean-Baptiste Say Institute to offer a European academic reference dedicated to entrepreneurial leadership and innovation.

We believe that

Entrepreneurship is

A mindset where creativity drives innovation
A method for creating projects in a context of uncertainty
and constraints
An expertise that can be taught and learned

Entrepreneurs are

Key players of social change striving for value creation
and social prosperity

With the Jean-Baptiste Say Institute, you will

Find out new possibilities for thinking and doing
Take concrete steps and give shape to meaningful projects
Join a supportive and dynamic ecosystem
Start impacting your world through entrepreneurship

Why choose Jean-Baptiste Say Institute? your aspirations and needs are changing
we will change the way you learn

The Impact-Based Method

  • Teaching

    Beyond lectures and case studies – learn from projects you love
    100% of courses require you to create real impact (prototypes, events, sales...)

  • Knowledge

    Beyond dry theories – confront and challenge cutting-edge research
    100% of courses are based on real projects you design

  • People

    Beyond pure business profiles – collaborate in multidisciplinary teams
    100% of courses involve diversity of backgrounds (coders, designers, artists...)

  • Places

    Beyond classrooms – explore our entrepreneurial ecosystems
    100% of courses happen also outside the classroom (fablabs, incubators, streets, online...)

  • Outcomes

    Beyond standard academic grades – create impact that matters
    100% of courses involve actions and emotions

Follow our
in 3-steps

Unleash your entrepreunarial potential

Receive personal coaching along the way to
manage your project and develop soft skills

Unlearn & disrupt
Unlearn &
your problems

Our dedicated eventThe improbable vernissage

Experiment & co-create
Experiment &

Our dedicated eventThe entrepreneurship

Execute & scale
Execute &
Create your
business model

The Made InESCP Europe Jury

GROW Our programs

Our programmes have received
international recognition for their quality
Our ambition is to help you grow and expand


  • Students

  • Executives

  • Entrepreneurs

  • Researchers

  • Our community

We enable students from various
backgrounds (ESCP Europe, Epitech, 42,
Ensci, Strate…) to learn through

Option E: ESCP Europe’s most popular major course.

MSIE: One of Europe’s leading specialized master programmes for creating a start-up .Visit website

For more information, please contact
Sylvain at

We enable executives (top managers, R&D experts, marketers…) to become entrepreneurial leaders:

EMDIEL: A worldwide experience to explore digital innovations & entrepreneurial leadership. See

U-School: An intensive programme to boost your business through entrepreneurial projects.

Improbable: An art-thinking workshop to act and think different. See

Customized programmes: Co-create with us solutions to foster entrepreneurial culture and projects

For more information, please contact Sybille at our Paris Campus & Sven at our Berlin Campus

We enable entrepreneurs to find customized solutions to make their project successful:

Blue Factory: An incubator to launch your startup.

Paris Factory: An accelerator programme to leverage your growth

For more information, please contact
Maëva at

We develop knowledge to improve our teaching and expertise on entrepreneurship:

Customized research survey: We help you develop research designs and study specific questions

La Sieste: A seminar inviting guest speakers and a platform for sharing ideas

Bourse Jean-Baptiste Say

For more information, please contact Nicolas at

We connect you with a diverse community to foster learning in a work & play environment:

The Entrepreneurship Festival: A one-day event to experience entrepreneurial leadership

Fireplace Chat: Evening events with discussions on topics around innovation and entrepreneurship

We organise many other events throughout the year: follow our newsletter

For more information, please contact Sylvain for our Paris events, Mariluz for our Madrid events, Nicolas for our Berlin events and Maëva for both our London and Torino events.

Success Stories

Ticket for change

Ticket for Change’s mission is to raise a massive movement of Changemakers. They design and build entrepreneurship and leadership programs (pre-incubator, MOOC, workshops, conferences...) to empower talents to tackle urgent social and environmental problems through innovative and sustainable business models. They reached 53 000 people in 3 years throughout their different programs.


WITH MAKESENSE, WE MAKE CHANGING THE WORLD ANY CITIZEN’S BUSINESS ! MakeSense is an international community that rallies citizens across the world to help social entrepreneurs to solve their challenges. By putting together our skills and ideas, anyone can help social entrepreneurs create and develop their businesses and solve the most pressing issues faced by society in such arenas as: education, health, environment, food, etc.


Founded by Ronan Pelloux & Julien Mechin, Creads is the top french platform for Creative Content Production. The startup centralizes the creativity of 50,000 talented freelancers specialized in all sectors to produce Graphic, Video and Editorial Contents. Among its 4,000 clients : Shiseido, La Poste, Citroën, Deloitte, Club Med, France Télévisions, SNCF, Crédit Mutuel and Drivy.


Anticafé is a mixture of a café, a coworking space and a home. The guests pay for the time spent inside only, having an unlimited access to our services: drinks, snacks, equipment and a community. It’s an ideal place to work, to hold a meeting or just to grab a cup of coffee. Having 7 Anticafé running today, we’re working on opening 9 more currently, with a goal of attending 50 Anticafé within two years.


Dashlane makes identity and payments simple with its password manager and secure digital wallet app. Available on PC, Mac, Android and iOS, the app has helped more than 7 millions users and has won critical acclaim by top publications including The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times. The company has offices in New York City and Paris, and has received $52.5 million in funding from TransUnion, Rho Ventures, FirstMark Capital and Bessemer Venture Partners.


IZIPIZI is a brand of design, colorful, qualitative and accessible glasses (reading glasses, sun glasses, screen glasses, kids glasses) which are sold in a selective network of stores (concept stores, fashion stores, department stores, high-end optic stores) all over the world.

Welcome to the Jungle

Launched in 2015, Welcome to the Jungle is the new media for 20-35 year old talents to help them find their dream job in their dream company. By creating rich and relevant content for each company (editorial, photos, videos, statistics), Welcome to the Jungle allows candidates to step into companies culture and really understand which one is best for them.

Chocolaterie EDF

Created in January 2016, La Chocolaterie is both a place and a program. It is managed by the Université Groupe Management from the DRH Groupe EDF. The objective is to train and accompagny the intrapreneurs of today and tomorrow: by developing the state of mind of business and cooperation; and by experimenting new working ways. Every salaries from the EDF Group are welcome to La Chocolaterie.


In less than a year, this yound French startup reinvented the old and complex mattress sector : Tediber exclusively seels online on, with no intermediary and at a fair price, a unique mattress of very high quality, made in Belgium, with various sizes.


Glowee is a natural source of light found in nature, connecting biomimetism and synthetic biology. With Glowee we reinvent the way we produce, consume and use light!

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our impact since 2007

Since 2007, the Jean-Baptiste Say Institute
has contributed to various impactful projects
drawing on its European ecosystem.

The people behind the Jean-Baptiste Say Institute


Work with us and unleash your full potential
OUR steering committee
  • Jean-Pierre Letartre CEO EY
  • Jean-François Royer ASSOCIATE EY
RCI BANK and SERVICES - since 2017

They support the Jean-Baptiste Say Institute

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since 2017 BNP
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